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Aleve Direct Therapy Refill Gel Pads, any $3.00 12/12/17
Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device, any – THIS IS A MAIL-IN OR ONLINE REBATE $10.00 12/12/17
Alka-Seltzer Plus Product, any $1.00 12/10/17
Alka-Seltzer Plus Product, any $2.00 11/26/17
Alka-Seltzer Plus Sore Throat Relief Product, any $1.50 12/10/17
Alka-Seltzer Product 12ct or larger, any $1.00 12/09/17
Bayer Aspirin Product 200ct or larger, any $2.00 11/26/17
Bayer Aspirin Product 50ct or larger, any $1.00 12/10/17
Betty Crocker Potatoes Packages (excluding Potato Buds), any TWO $0.50 01/06/18
Blink Lid Wipes or Blink Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement, any $3.00 12/18/17
Blink RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 10oz or Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12oz, any $3.00 12/18/17
Blink RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 20oz or Complete Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 24oz, any $5.00 12/18/17
Blink Tears, Blink Tears Preservative Free, Blink GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops, Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops, any $3.00 12/18/17
Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Crackers Box, any $1.00 01/14/18
Brut Classic Fragrance, Antiperspirant/Deodorants or Twin Pack (excluding Shave Foam, Razors, Soap or Revolution Deodorant Product 2.25oz), any $1.00 12/10/17
Carvel, Oreo or Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake 32oz or larger, any $3.00 01/31/18
Cetaphil Body Moisturizer 8oz or larger Including DailyAdvance Lotion, Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Lotion, any $3.00 12/31/17
Cetaphil Product (excluding trial/travel size and Single Bars), any $2.00 12/31/17
Chex Mix, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies, Chex Mix Popped, Bugles Corn Snacks or Gardetto’s Snack Mix Bags 3.7oz or larger, any TWO $0.50 01/06/18
Chuck E. Cheese’s Restaurant Coupons Various 02/04/18
Claritin Non-Drowsy 30ct or larger, any $4.00 12/10/17
Claritin Non-Drowsy 70ct or larger, any $9.00 11/19/17
Claritin-D 1Non-Drowsy 5ct or larger, any $6.00 11/19/17
Claritin-D Non-Drowsy 15ct or larger, any $4.00 12/10/17
Cold Stone Creamery Store Coupons Various 12/12/17
Coricidin HBP Product, any $2.00 12/10/17
Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths 42ct or higher, any $0.50 12/23/17
Cottonelle Toilet Paper Rolls 6pk or more, any $0.50 12/23/17
Drano Product, any $0.75 12/24/17
Edwards Pie 22.4oz or larger, any (DND) $0.50 12/23/17
Elmhurst Milked Carton, any $1.50 01/30/18
Energizer Batteries Pack or Energizer Flashlight, any $1.25 12/02/17
Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Pack, any $1.00 12/02/17
Farm Rich Meatballs Package 26oz to 28oz, any $1.50 12/31/17
FDGard Product, any $3.00 05/12/19
Ferrero Rocher or Ferrero Collection Package 6.8oz to 10.6oz, any $1.00 01/07/18
Fiber One Chewy Bars, Fiber One 90 Calorie Products (Bars or Brownies), Fiber One Protein Chewy Bars, Fiber One Streusel Bars, Fiber One Cheesecake Bars, Fiber One Cookies, Fiber One Layered Chewy Bars or Fiber One Protein Nut Bars Boxes, any TWO $0.50 01/06/18
Florida Crystals Raw Cane, Organic or Demerara Sugar Product, any $0.55 01/30/18
Florida’s Natural NFC Orange Juice 59oz or larger, any $1.00 01/06/18
General Mills Cereal Boxes – Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charm, Reese’s Puffs, Chex, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Fiber One, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Total, Wheaties, Dora The Explorer, Oatmeal Crisp, Raisin Nut Bran, Basic 4, Girl Scouts or Nature Valley, any THREE $1.00 12/23/17
Glade Atmosphere Collection Product, any $1.00 12/25/17
Glade Automatic Spray Refills Large and Sense & Spray Refills Only, any TWO $1.00 12/24/17
Glade Candles 3.4oz or Wax Melts Refills Only, any TWO $1.00 12/24/17
Glade Large Automatic Spray Refills or Candles Jar 3.4oz, any TWO $1.00 12/25/17
Glade PlugIns Car Starter, any $1.50 12/25/17
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Products Only, any TWO $1.00 12/24/17
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Twin Pack Refill, any $1.00 12/25/17
Harbor Freight Store Coupons Various Varies
Hidden Valley Ranch Dry Dip or Canister, any $0.50 01/14/18
Hormel Bacon Toppings Products, any TWO $1.00 01/08/18
IBGard Product, any $3.00 05/12/19
Infusium Shampoo or Conditioner 13.5oz or Leave In Treatment 13.5oz (excluding 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 33.8oz Product), any $2.00 12/10/17
Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Package, any $1.00 01/12/18
King Arthur Flour Bag 5lb (excluding Organics), any (DND) $1.00 12/31/17
King Arthur Organic Flour 2lb or 5lb, any (DND) $1.00 12/31/17
Kleenex Facial Tissue Boxes 50ct or larger, any THREE or Bundle Pack (excluding trial size), any $0.50 12/23/17
Kleenex Hand Towels Package, any $0.50 12/23/17
Kraft Mayo 22oz or larger, any TWO $1.00 12/10/17
Lucky Leaf Fruit Filling & Topping Cans, any TWO $1.00 12/31/17
Marzetti Veggie Dip 8oz or above, any $0.75 01/15/18
Miracle Whip Dressing 22oz or larger, any TWO $1.00 12/10/17
Mrs. Smith’s Pie 35oz or larger, any (DND) $0.50 12/23/17
Mueller’s Pastas, any TWO $1.00 12/23/17
Nutella Hazelnut Spread Jar 13oz or larger or Nutella Mini Cups Package 10ct, any $2.00 01/05/18
Ocelo Products, any TWO $1.00 12/17/17
One A Day or One A Day Kids Product (excluding 60ct), any $4.00 11/26/17
One A Day Product 50ct or larger, any $4.00 11/26/17
Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Coupons Various 12/21/17
Palmer’s Stretch Marks Care Product, any $1.00 02/28/18
Pert Product 13.5oz or larger (excluding 1.7oz), any $1.00 12/10/17
Pert Product 25.4oz or larger (excluding 1.7oz), any $2.00 12/10/17
Progresso Organic Soup Can, any $1.00 01/06/18
Progresso Products (excluding Progresso Organic Soup and Pasta Bowls), any TWO $0.50 01/06/18
Scrubbing Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner with Fantastik, any $0.50 12/24/17
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Product, any $0.50 12/23/17
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Product (excluding Vanish), any $1.00 12/23/17
Shout Product (excluding travel and trial size), any $0.50 12/24/17
Sister Schubert’s Product, any $0.60 01/31/18
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisp 5oz or larger, any $1.00 01/31/18
SunSweet Dried Fruit Product, any (DND) $1.00 01/31/18
Sure Deodorant 2.6oz, 2.7oz, 6oz or Twin Pack Product, any $1.00 12/10/17
Torani Flavor, any $1.00 12/31/17
Torani Flavors, any TWO $2.50 12/31/17
Truvia Cane Sugar Blend Package or Truvia Brown Sugar Blend, any $2.00 01/07/18
Truvia Sweetener Package, any $1.50 01/07/18
Tuttorosso Tomato Products 14.5oz or larger, any FOUR $1.00 12/31/17
U by Kotex Fitness Products Package (excluding Liners 14ct to 22ct or trial size/travel packs), any $1.00 12/09/17
U by Kotex Pads or Liners Package (excluding Liners 14ct to 22ct or trial size/travel packs), any $1.00 12/09/17
U by Kotex Tampons or U by Kotex Security Tampons Package (excluding trial size/travel packs), any $1.00 12/09/17
Village Inn Restaurant Coupons Various Varies
Viva Vantage Paper Towels or Viva Paper Towels 6pk or larger, any $0.50 12/24/17
White Castle Microwaveable Sliders Package 16ct or larger, any $1.00 01/15/18
White Castle Microwaveable Sliders Packages 4ct to 6ct, any TWO $1.00 01/15/18
Windex Product (excluding travel and trial size), any $0.50 12/24/17
Wonderful Halos 2lb or larger, any $0.50 12/12/17
Ziploc Products, any TWO $1.00 12/24/17

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