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2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, any $0.55 04/28/19
ACT Kids Product, any $1.00 02/23/19
ACT Product (excluding trial/travel size), any $1.00 02/23/19
Ajax Ultra Dish Liquid 28oz or larger, any $0.50 02/10/19
Allegra Allergy 24HR 24ct or larger or Allegra-D Product, any $4.00 02/16/19
Allegra Allergy 24HR 60ct or 70ct, any $8.00 02/02/19
Allegra Children’s Product, any $4.00 02/16/19
Auntie Anne’s At Home Product, any $1.00 03/24/19
Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant (excluding trial and travel size), any TWO  $3.00 02/23/19
Bausch + Lomb PreserVision ARES 2 Formula + Chewables, any $3.00 03/31/19
Bausch + Lomb PreserVision, any $3.00 03/31/19
BIC Single Blade, Twin Blade, BIC Comfort 3 or BIC 3 Razor Pack (excluding trial and travel size), any $2.00 02/09/19
BIC Soleil, BIC Flex or BIC Comfort 3 Hybrid Disposable Razor Pack (excluding Silky Touch and Twin Select Razors and BIC trial and travel size), any $3.00 02/09/19
Bolthouse Farms Beverages 32oz or 52oz, any (DND) $1.00 04/21/19
Bolthouse Farms Lower Sugar Smoothies & Proteins, any (DND) $1.00 04/21/19
Cacique Cheese or Cream 10oz or larger, any $1.00 03/13/19
Cacique Chorizo 8oz or larger, any TWO $0.50 03/13/19
Capzasin Product, any $2.00 02/27/19
Carvel or Oreo Ice Cream Cake 32oz or larger, any $3.00 03/31/19
Cheerios Cereals Boxes: Original Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi Grain Cheerios, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, Very Berry Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Chocolate Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Medley Crunch, Cheerios Protein, Cheerios + Ancient Grains, Cheerios Oat Crunch or Maple Cheerios, any TWO $1.00 03/09/19
Chock Full o’Nuts Package, any $1.00 02/28/19
Clairol Age Defy Hair Color, Vidal Sassoon Hair Color or Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color Box, any $3.00 02/09/19
Clairol Hair Color Box (excluding Color Crave, Temporary Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder, Age Defy, Balsam and Textures & Tones), any $2.00 02/09/19
Clairol Hair Color Boxes (excluding Color Crave, Temporary Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder, Age Defy, Balsam and Textures & Tones), any TWO $5.00 02/09/19
Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken Bag, any $2.00 03/24/19
Cooked Perfect Fresh Meatballs Bag, any $1.00 03/24/19
Cooked Perfect Frozen Meatballs Bag, any $1.00 03/24/19
Cortizone 10 Product 1oz or larger, any $1.00 03/28/19
CoverGirl + Olay Product (excluding Accessories and trial/travel size), any $3.00 02/23/19
CoverGirl Eye Product (excluding 1 Kit Shadows, Accessories and trial/travel size), any $2.00 02/23/19
CoverGirl Lip Product (excluding Accessories and trial/travel size), any $2.00 02/23/19
Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus 16.9oz or 33.8oz (excluding 3oz travel size), any $1.00 12/31/19
Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus 33.8oz (excluding 16.9oz and 3oz travel size), any $2.00 12/31/19
Dulcolax 25ct or larger or Dulcolax Suppositories 4ct or larger, any $2.00 02/23/19
Ensure Multipack, any $3.00 03/24/19
Flipz Bags 5oz or larger, any TWO $1.00 03/31/19
General Mills Cereals Boxes: Fiber One, Chex, Multi Grain Cheerios, Wheaties, Basic 4, Raisin Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, Total, Nature Valley Cereal or Nature Valley Granola Pouches, any TWO $1.00 03/09/19
General Mills Cereals Boxes: Lucky Charms, Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes, Reese’s Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, French Toast Crunch, Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix or Blasted Shreds, any TWO $1.00 03/09/19
Glucerna Product, any $3.00 03/24/19
Gold Bond Product (excluding 0.5oz), any $1.00 02/23/19
Harbor Freight Store Coupons Various Varies
Hi-Chew Product, any $0.50 03/30/19
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Bottle, any $0.50 02/27/19
Hormel Chili Products, any TWO $0.55 03/25/19
Icy Hot Smart Relief Starter Kit Product, any $5.00 02/27/19
Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Sportscreme, Arthritis Hot or Flexall Product, any $1.00 02/27/19
Indiana Kitchen Boneless Ham Steaks, any $0.50 04/27/19
Indiana Kitchen Boneless Sliced Ham, any $1.00 04/27/19
Jose Ole Taquitos Rolled Tacos or Snacks 16oz or larger, any $1.00 03/31/19
Ka-Me Product, any $1.00 03/31/19
Ka-Me Products, any TWO $2.50 02/10/19
Kaopectate Product, any $1.50 02/23/19
KC Masterpiece Bottle, any $0.50 02/27/19
Mucinex 12 Hour, any $2.00 03/10/19
Mucinex Children’s Product, any $2.00 03/10/19
Mucinex Product, any $2.00 03/10/19
Planters Mixed Nuts, Cashews 8oz or larger or Peanuts 16oz or larger, any TWO $1.00 02/26/19
Purina Dry Dog Food and/or Treats Purchase of $25.00 or more, any – THIS IS A TARGET STORE GIFTCARD COUPON $5.00 Gift Card 02/16/19
Red Lobster Restaurant Coupons Various 04/27/19
Rolaids Bottle 60ct or larger, any $2.00 02/23/19
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels 8oz or larger, any TWO $1.00 03/30/19
Soy Vay Marinade Bottle, any $0.50 02/27/19
Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover, any $0.55 04/28/19
Summer’s Eve External Products, any TWO $1.50 03/15/19
Total Wine Spirits, Beer & More Store Coupons Various 02/10/19
White Castle Microwaveable Sliders 16ct or larger, any $1.00 03/24/19
White Castle Microwaveable Sliders 4ct to 6ct, any $0.55 03/24/19
Xyzal Allergy 24HR or Xyzal Children’s Product, any $4.00 02/16/19
Zantac Product 24ct or larger, any $3.00 02/23/19

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