What You Need to Know About Halloween Candy Coupons

Halloween may not be a gift-giving holiday, but it’s still easy to spend a lot on candy! Fortunately, Halloween candy coupons are here to help.

What kinds are available? Where do you find them?

Here’s how to use Halloween candy coupons to your advantage.

How Can Coupons Help You Save Money This Halloween?

If you want to be the most popular house on the block for trick-or-treaters, you’ll need the most and the best candy. Popular candy brands like Hershey and Wonka offer Halloween candy coupons every year! You can find them on brands’ websites, in coupon booklets, or on store apps.

What Halloween Candy Coupons are Available?

Here are examples of Halloween candy coupons you can find this year.

$2.00 Off Hershey’s Snack Size Jumbo Bag

A Walgreens Balance Rewards account is a great, simple way to access downloadable coupons and save money on Halloween candy. Normally, a jumbo bag of Hershey’s Snack Size candies can cost $5 or more. Cut that price nearly in half with this downloadable coupon! This deal expires on October 31st--perfect timing for Halloween.

Save $0.50 On New Ibotta Rebate

Ibotta is an app that allows you to save money even after you’ve arrived home from the store! All that’s necessary is to take a picture of your receipt with the Ibotta app. Ibotta will credit money to your account for any item on the receipt that’s eligible for a rebate!

There is a new Ibotta rebate offer for Albanese 12 Flavor candies, including Sour 12 Flavor Gummi Bears and 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms. This offer will give you $0.50 back for one bag of gummi bears or gummi worms at Target or Walmart. Originally, this candy costs $2.00. You can enjoy it for only $1.50 with this deal. This offer is good until April 30th of next year.

Save 1$ On 1 Creamy Snickers Bar

Normally, a Snickers bar costs $1.58. However, Snickers has coupons available on their Facebook page! Sign up for Hunger Handoff on the Snickers Facebook page to see what mobile coupons are available, including this $1.00 off deal!

$1 Off Oreo Chocolate Candy

Right now, Oreo is offering a printable coupon on their website. It allows you to save $1.00 on any one Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar when you buy any one package of Oreo cookies! This coupon expires on December 31st. What’s more, you can find Oreo candy bars for under a dollar at Walmart. With this coupon, the candy bar becomes free!

Take 10% Off M&M Coupons

M&M bags are great candies for when your budget is tight! With this Target Cartwheel offer (found on the Target App) you can take 10% off of M&M’s Creepy Cocoa Crisp candy bags through October 26th. This can bring a $3.19 bag down to $2.87!

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