SmartSource Coupon Inserts — What You Need to Know

In this article, we’ll review what kinds of coupons are available in the SmartSource coupon inserts. This is no fly-by-night company. SmartSource is actually owned by News Marketing America (NMA) who also owns the Wall Street Journal and Harper-Collins. Point is, they’re kind of a big deal.

Speaking of big deals, that’s their core business — coupon inserts! SmartSource coupon inserts are one of the largest coupon distributors in the game. Let’s take a closer look.

SmartSource Coupon Inserts: What Coupons Can You Expect?

SmartSource coupon inserts offer a really wide variety of coupons — across so many categories. Generally accepted in grocery stores and pharmacies, SmartSource coupons are a powerful savings tool. From personal wellness, beauty, paper goods, and, of course, food — SmartSource coupons will help you save money in every aisle of the store.

  • SmartSource Coupons for Food: Shopping for food each week is generally one of our largest weekly expenses. SmartSource coupons vary each week, but you’ll see coupons products such as:
    • Nabisco products (Oreo Cookies, Ritz Crackers, and Teddy Grahams)
    • Pearl Milling Company’s pancake mix (formerly Aunt Jemima)
    • Nature’s Path Granola Bars
    • Blue Diamond Almonds
    • Green Giant Vegetables
    • Sargento Cheese

SmartSource coupons help you stock up on essentials like General Mills brand cereals (Cheerios, Chex, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and even Land-o-Lakes brand eggs. Heck, they even offer coupons on Russell Stover candy!

Competitive Couponer Tip: Stack SmartSource coupons with store sales to save even more money! Check store guidelines, but it’s generally okay to stack manufacturer coupons (such as the ones offered in the SmartSource coupon inserts) with general sales. Be aware, though, that you are limited to one manufacturer coupon per item. When the sales are good, well…that’s a great time to stockpile. Ordering bulk coupons through our Weekly Subscription Service can help.

  • SmartSource Coupons for Health and Wellness: When allergies flare up or you get a cold, you’ll be glad that you planned ahead to have medicine in the cabinet. SmartSource coupon inserts offer deals on major brands of health and wellness products.

    Competitive Couponer Tip: Allergy sufferers will be thrilled to see SmartSource coupons on brands such as Nasacort and Allegra — sometimes as much as $5 — or even $10 — off! This makes it easy to buy these products in advance — and have at-the-ready.

    From allergy, cold, and heartburn medications to toothpaste and eye drops, SmartSource coupon deals go a long way in cutting costs on wellness.
  • SmartSource Coupons for the Kitchen and Bathroom: Kitchen and bathroom supplies are shopping categories where couponers love to stockpile. Building up an inventory of non-perishable goods like cleanings supplies, paper towels, and toilet paper is easy to do with SmartSource coupons. SmartSource coupon inserts are a great place to look for top-rated brands like Finish Dishwasher products, White Cloud Bath Tissue, Clorox, and Pine-Sol Cleaner.

    Savvy Mom Moment: Some DIY projects for kids require larger amounts of supplies than what you might typically have on hand. If you’re looking to send your littles outside to make GIANT bubbles, most giant bubble solution recipes call for at least a half cup of dish detergent. Keeping in mind accidental spills, you’d be wise to use your SmartSource coupons to stock up in advance!

    Did You Know…that SmartSource coupon inserts are a great place to find coupons on essentials like Huggies diapers? Yup!
  • SmartSource Coupons for Personal Care and Beauty Products: Personal care and beauty is a wide-reaching category. It covers everything from deodorant and shaving supplies to skincare and shampoo. Here are examples of products that you may see featured in the SmartSource Coupon inserts:
    • Covergirl makeup products
    • Curel lotions
    • Jergens brand products
    • John Freida hair care
    • Dr. Scholls foot care essentials
    • Schick Razors and Creams

Personal care and beauty products can sometimes add up quickly — costing more than you had originally planned to spend. SmartSource coupons help keep costs down so you can feel good, look good, and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket!

Ordering Bulk SmartSource Coupons Weekly

The only thing better than the SmartSource coupon insert is having multiple copies of it! Couponing gives you the biggest bang for your buck when you are able to stack and stockpile.

Competitive Couponer Tip: Stacking is when you use a coupon with an ongoing sale or other offers. Although there are some rules (such as one manufacturer coupon per item), it’s easy to buy multiples of the same item at big savings (stockpiling).

But how do you get multiples of the same coupon? Well, some people ask friends and family if they can have their Sunday newspaper inserts. So time-consuming! Other couponers buy additional copies of the Sunday newspaper, but that’s not very cost-effective.

Our Weekly Subscription Service eliminates both of those challenges. Once you sign up, you’ll receive Sunday newspaper coupon inserts every week — automatically! This includes SmartSource coupon inserts (of course!), but also the other major coupon inserts: Save (formerly RetailMeNot), P&G, and Unilever.

  1. Choose your subscription combo pack: 2, 4, 6, or 10-pack combos. Keep in mind, it’s that quantity for EACH of the weekly inserts.
  2. Set it and forget it!
  3. Plan your menus, shopping lists, and coupon strategy with our Sunday Coupon Schedule and Coupon Preview pages while waiting for your automatic bulk coupon shipment.

Example: You choose the maximum savings option — the 10-pack combo. If there is a SmartSource and Save insert, you will receive 10 copies of the SmartSource and 10 copies of the Save!

Not only is SmartSource valuable, but it's great to have the selection of inserts available as well.

SmartSource Coupons: Savings in Every Aisle

In this article, we reviewed the types of coupons you can expect to find in the SmartSource coupon insert. As you weave through the aisles of your favorite stores, SmartSource offers coupons on many of the most popular items you see — and need. Food, kitchen, bath, laundry, cleaning, and personal care, SmartSource coupons are an important aspect of your couponing strategy.

If you want a guarantee that you’ll have multiple copies of the SmartSource — and other Sunday coupon — inserts ready to go for saving, stacking, and stockpiling then sign up to receive bulk inserts through our Weekly Subscription Service!