kc-full.jpgHi fellow couponers! Welcome to Sunday Coupon Inserts!

To me, my story is pretty ordinary --- I was raised in a typical middle class family that strived to save money in order to provide memorable vacations, afford youth sporting lessons and events, and just save a few bucks at the grocery store. Like most, my parents sacrificed their own dreams in order to provide a happy and fulfilling childhood for myself and my older brother. My parents both worked full-time, but in addition to working at the post office, my father was a true entrepreneur always in search of a way to help the average Joe save money --- always on the verge of the next big business --- and then he discovered the world of coupons! Back in 1991, couponing was a whole different world. No internet, no blogs, no guidelines....And so, together with my mom, he wrote a book about couponing (no longer in print for obvious reasons), but it laid the groundwork for me (and a legacy per se) to carry on the dream of helping others save money on the not-so-important things so that the value saved can be spent on the oh-so-important things. Sadly, in 1996 at the age of 46, my father was diagnosed and subsequently passed from Melanoma (skin cancer). Now as a child to a single parent, I witnessed the emotional and financial burden that my mom struggled with on a daily basis. Flash forward 15 years later and thousands of hours dedicated to corporate America, I decided to quit the daily rat race and pursue my dream, while honoring my father’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Sunday Coupon Inserts launched in April 2011 with the mission to create an outlet for savvy savers alike to save at the grocery store. To date, Sunday Coupon Inserts has helped thousands of families around the world.  I have put together a great team that works hard to bring all of you the best coupons with the best customer service!  We welcome you with open arms to the wonderful world of couponing. Feel free to send us an email if you ever have any questions or concerns. We're here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

Katie Rankin