Looking for a particular coupon insert? Want to know when certain coupons are being published? Look no further - we have the weekly coupon insert schedule you need.


2023 Weekly Coupon Insert Schedule

We will update this schedule as the inserts are confirmed. We do not publish a schedule based on the previous year. We publish only the coupon schedule that has been confirmed directly from the publishers.


November 2023

5 — SmartSource, Save
12 — SmartSource, Save, Kids360
19 — SmartSource

December 2023

3 — SmartSource & Save
10 — SmartSource & Save
17 — To be determined
24 — To be determined
31 — To be determined



January 2023

1 — P&G, Save #1, Save #2, SmartSource
8 — SmartSource, Save Unilever
15 — Save, SmartSource
29 — SmartSource, Save

February 2023

5 — SmartSource, Save #1, Save #2 Unilever
19 — SmartSource, Save
26 — SmartSource

March 2023

5 — SmartSource, Save #1, Save #2
12 — SmartSource, Save
19 — SmartSource, Save Unilever 
26 — SmartSource, Save

April 2023

2 — SmartSource, Save
16 — SmartSource, Save
23 — SmartSource
30 — SmartSource, Save #1, Save #2

May 2023

7 — SmartSource, Save
21 — SmartSource, Save

June 2023

4 — SmartSource, Save
11 — SmartSource
18 — Save
25 — SmartSource

July 2023

9 — SmartSource, Save
16 — SmartSource, Save
30 — SmartSource, Save

August 2023

6 — SmartSource, Save
13 — SmartSource
27 — SmartSource, Save

September 2023

10 — SmartSource, Save
17 — SmartSource
24 — SmartSource, Save

October 2023

1 — SmartSource, Save
8 — SmartSource
15 — Save
22 — Save
29 — SmartSource


Looking for a full 2023 coupon schedule? Good luck! Our friends over at Coupons in the News have the legit scoop. SmartSource and Save are not releasing their schedules this year. Plenty of sites are publishing fake coupon schedules...based on last year.  That's old news. We publish only the inserts that are CONFIRMED.


In this article, learn about different ways to get your hands on coupons, including having a handy schedule for reference!

3 Ways to Get P&G, Save (formerly RetailMeNot) & SmartSource Coupon Inserts

There are many different ways to find coupon inserts. We've listed the three most common methods below! 

1. Subscribe to Newspapers

Sunday newspapers nearly always have coupon inserts. P&G coupon inserts, Save inserts, and SmartSource inserts are three kinds of weekly Sunday coupons that you can get in your newspaper.

Don’t forget to look beyond the local papers! If another newspaper in a nearby city has the coupons you want, it may be a good investment to pick up or subscribe to that paper.

2. Check Out the Post Office Recycle Bin

In many cities, coupons are delivered in the U.S. Postal Service mail - without the newspaper. If you live in one of those cities, take a moment each week to check out your local post office for people's extras.

People who get their mail in PO boxes often throw their coupons inserts in the recycle bin. You can easily gather up those unwanted coupons and expand your collection. 

3. Ask Your Family and Friends

Not everyone likes to use coupons. If you know that your sibling or cousin in the next town over gets a different coupon insert in their Sunday paper, let them know you’re interested in using their coupons!

This saves you from having to buy that newspaper yourself.

How to Get Extra Copies of Coupon Inserts Delivered to Your Home

You can receive these weekly Sunday coupons without buying extra newspapers.

Coupon subscription services, like Sunday Coupon Inserts, deliver your choice of coupon packets to your front door. You can enroll in their Weekly Subscriptions program to receive coupon packets every week, without purchasing a newspaper! These services save you time and effort.

Best of all, you are in complete control of your subscription. You can choose to continue to receive coupons, or cancel your order at any time.

Sign up for Weekly Subscriptions at the Sunday Coupon Inserts website today!

Not ready to subscribe?  Place a one-time order anytime! Sunday Coupon Inserts always has current and past week’s coupon inserts on hand for your convenience.