10 Christmas Advent Calendars Under $10

It's that time of year again when the kids' eyes light up in awe of the colorful Christmas lights around the neighborhood. Their excitement builds in anticipation of a visit from Santa. Many of us who are now older remember, and even share, stories about our Christmases as a child. We tell about traditions such as going out in the woods with the family in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

Another tradition many families shared was the opening of a window on the Christmas advent calendar. Today, if you haven't already, you can experience this with your loved ones. Make new Christmas memories for all. The calendar is sure to get everyone (including the scrooges) in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year!

What are Christmas Advent Calendars?

Advent calendars are a joyous way to count down the days until Christmas. It's a tradition that goes back to the 19th century.

Traditionally, these calendars had pictures, Bible verses related to the birth of Jesus, or poems behind each window. As time went on, small surprise gifts such as chocolate, toys, and more were added.

Many start this Christmas tradition on December 1. That's the day when you will open the first window labeled with the number 1 on your Christmas advent calendar. This continues each day until Christmas Eve.

When to Purchase Your Christmas Advent Calendar

Since December will be upon us soon, now is the best time to ensure your calendar arrives by December 1. They sell out quickly, so the sooner you order the better!

To help you save money, we scoured Amazon to give you a selection of Christmas advent calendars for children and adults for under $10.

Kids Christmas Advent Calendar

This calendar is great if you have toddlers in the house. Behind each window, your precious little one will discover a dinosaur or fidget keychain. It's sure to help build his or her excitement for Christmas day!

Current price: $8.99

Kentaly Christmas Mini Ornaments Advent Calendar

The best Christmas trees are the ones with ornaments that tell a story! This year, you can add 24 new ornaments to the tree if you buy this Christmas advent calendar.

Current price: $9.29

Snowman Celebration Chocolate Advent Calendar

Each day a member of your family can open the window to reveal a delicious piece of holiday-shaped milk chocolate. In addition, they can read a verse from Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Current price: $7.99

DIY Fabric Advent Calendar Craft Set

This reusable advent calendar can be something passed down for generations. Since you can fill each of the 24 jute drawstring bags with whatever surprises you want, each year the one who has it can reminisce about the memories of past Christmases while they fill the bags with new surprises to make more memories to cherish in the future.

Current price: $9.99

Naughty or Nice Chocolate Advent Calendar

This paperboard calendar is more like the classic Christmas advent calendars. It's filled with sweet chocolate and poems.

Current price: $6.99

Shining Light Chocolate Advent Calendar & Nativity Story

Savor a small piece of chocolate each day leading up to Christmas while reading a verse about Jesus' birth.

Current price: $6.99

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Charm Bracelet

On Christmas morning, your little lady can sport a festive bracelet that she will make with the 22 Christmas-themed charms from this calendar.

Current price: $7.99

Magnetic Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Your little ones will have so much fun counting down the days until Christmas with a little tree of their own. Each day they can decorate it by adding a magnetic ornament from the box at the base of the tree.

Current price: $9.99

DIY Arts & Crafts Christmas Advent Calendar

Step away from the digital screens each night to take joy in a family activity with this calendar featuring 24 diamond painting stickers.

Current price: $9.99

Adult Christmas Advent Calendar

Our final advent calendar is for couples looking to add a bit of romance in the days leading up to Christmas. Behind each window is a romantic activity to enjoy together, which could lead to a very intimate night.

Current price: $9.99

Getting Ready for the Christmas Feast

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