Coupons: How and Where to Find Them

With rising costs, many of us struggle to ensure our family is fed. Thankfully, we still have coupons that can help cut the grocery bill. In fact, with strategies such as coupon matching, combining coupons, and stacking coupons, you can get groceries and household items free or close to free.

The number of ways you can find coupons nowadays has grown, which means additional savings. Today, we're going to let you know how to get paper, digital, and printable coupons to help you save as much money as you can.

Finding Paper Coupons

1. Buy Sunday Newspapers

Although more and more brands are moving away from paper coupons, some still offer Sunday coupon inserts. You can buy the Sunday paper in your area to get the coupons that are still available, but depending on where you're from, the selection of coupon inserts may vary. In addition, if you stockpile or need more than one coupon for the same product, you will have to buy more than one newspaper, which can add up.

A better alternative to buying the Sunday paper is our Sunday Coupon Inserts Weekly Subscription service. Through our weekly subscription service, you get multiple copies of premium coupon inserts that may have more coupons with higher values, which an insert from your local paper may not have.

If you prefer to get only the coupons you need and want to skip the clipping, The Coupon Marketplace can help you with that.

2. Contact Your Favorite Brands

Visit the websites of your favorite brands. Find each brand's email or contact form on their website. Then send them a message letting them know why you like their product(s). End the message by asking if they can mail you some coupons. Be sure you include your name and mailing address.

You may not receive coupons from every company you contact, but it doesn't hurt to ask. To help you get started, here's a listing of some brands that other couponers have reported getting paper coupons from.

3. Sign Up for Shopper Memberships

When you sign up for a store's shopper card or loyalty program, you can easily add digital coupons to your card (more on that in a bit). In addition to the digital coupons, you may also receive coupons by direct mail. Kroger, for instance, mails coupons based on your purchase history. We buy a lot of Kroger brand products, so they mail us paper coupons for their brands. They've even sent us coupons for free items!

Some other stores that have been known to send coupons by direct mail are Publix and Target.

4. Search the Stores

As you grocery shop, it can be fun to seek out the blinkies, tearpads, and peelies.

What Are Coupon Blinkies?

Coupon blinkies are little dispenser machines mounted on store shelves. They usually have a little red LED light on top that flashes, which is how they earned the nickname "blinkies." The machines dispense coupons that you can use that day or in the near future. Feel free to take one or two, but be fair to other couponers by not being greedy.

What Are Coupon Tearpads?

Coupon tearpads resemble small memo pads, but instead of blank paper, it's a pad of coupons. Like blinkies, you'll see these attached to shelves near the product the coupon is for. Again, take only a few.

What Are Coupon Peelies?

Coupon peelies are individual coupons that are placed on top of the product they're for. You just peel the coupon off the product, then place the item in your cart and use the coupon during checkout. Unlike the blinkies and tearpad coupons, you don't just take the coupon and leave the product behind. These paper coupons are meant for immediate use.

Blinkies, peelies, and tearpads can sometimes be hard to find. Whether you're having a hard time finding these or you need more than just a few, The Coupon Marketplace can help you.

5. Print Coupons

If you have a printer or access to one, the following printable coupon resources will help you add even more savings to your coupon binder.

Maximize Savings With Digital Coupon Apps

Clipping coupons from newspapers isn't our only option anymore. Thanks to digital apps we have more ways to save, and more time since you just click instead of clip. Here's a listing of some of the coupon apps we like and think you will too.


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With all the paper, printable, and digital coupon resources we've shared, you should feel much better leaving the store knowing you saved money. Our Sunday newspaper coupon preview and coupon insert schedule will help you plan your shopping trips in advance. Oh, and one last thing, don't forget to match coupons with sales to boost your savings!