How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at Almost Any Store

Coupons are excellent for reducing the grand total at checkout – but what if they could do more than that? What if you could use coupons to get free stuff?

You can!

Most coupons require that you pay some dollar amount for a product, even if it’s severely marked down from the original price. While this can’t be entirely avoided, by using a few clever tactics, you can get additional items in your cart for the great price of “free.”

Keep reading to learn how!

Tips for Using Coupons to Get Free Stuff

If you want to use coupons to get free stuff, keep these strategies in mind when you hit the store.

Buy the Smallest Size Possible

Smaller sizes are nearly always cheaper than larger sizes. Double-check to make sure that your coupons don’t have any size restrictions in the fine print.

If they don’t, use the coupons on the smallest size available - which is usually a travel-size product. The savings will likely be greater than the original price of the product, helping you to avoid spending any money!

Check the Clearance Section

If an item isn’t selling very well or has been overstocked, it may end up in the clearance section at a lower price. Many of these items can still be bought with coupons. With the lowered price, your coupon will likely help you get the item for free!

Purchase Mail-In Rebate Items

If you submit a mail-in rebate form after buying a product, you can often get money back - sometimes all of your money back, especially if you used a coupon in the store. For example, if the item is $2.00 and you use a $0.50 coupon in the store, you will pay $1.50 to the cashier. Then, when you get home you submit a mail-in rebate for $1.50. Your total cost ends up being zero!

Just be sure that there aren’t rules in the fine print of the rebate form, restricting the use of coupons!

Use Coupons on Sale Items

It never hurts to hold onto your coupon and wait for the perfect sale. With a little patience, you can save even more money by using the coupon on products that are on sale!

Stuff That You Can ALWAYS Get Free with Coupons

Now that you know how to use coupons to get free stuff, let’s determine which products are the best to target.


Here’s good news for your dental hygiene: drugstores absolutely love to give away coupons for toothpaste! With very little coupon hunting, you will never need to pay for toothpaste again.


Like toothpaste, floss can almost always be found for free with the right coupon! Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS offer these deals.


Deodorant is usually priced at two dollars or less, and two-dollar coupons for deodorant are very common – especially if you buy the travel sizes! Old Spice and Secret are brands that often offer coupons resulting in free products.


You don’t have to visit the dentist to gain a free toothbrush! Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens all offer coupons for free toothbrushes (especially the Oral-B brand).

Feminine Pads/Liners/Tampons

Don't want to pay for feminine hygiene products again?Match a product rebate with a coupon, and you'll get it free! Stayfree is the brand that most often offers mail-in rebates and coupons for their products.


If you’re shopping around Christmas time, coupons that bring your favorite candles down to the price of ‘free’ are very popular.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners usually cost around a dollar when they’re on sale, and one-dollar coupons for Glade air fresheners are easy to come by.

Pain Relievers

While prices vary depending on the type of pain relief and the brands involved, Tylenol and Aspirin are two kinds that consistently offer free deals through coupons.

Canned Soup

As a well-loved brand, Campbell’s canned soup is often on sale, especially during the colder months. Match this sale price to a money-off coupon, and you can stock up for free!

What Can You Occasionally Get for Free with Coupons?

With good timing and the right coupons, you can (sometimes) get items for free.

Body Wash

Want free body wash products from a variety of brands?You can find coupon deals at drugstores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS, as well as stores like Walmart and Target.


You can often get single bananas for free thanks to rebate apps! Find them at Target or Walmart.


Deals on mustard are most commonly found at grocery stores, such as Safeway, Kroger, Publix, and Walmart.


Drugstores such as CVS are great places for earning free mascara, especially with buy-one-get-one deals.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors for both men and women can often be found for free at Walgreens or Target.

Facial Cleanser

Acne washes and other kinds of facial cleansers often have coupons that make them free, especially at Target.

Shave Gel

If you are a coupon user who frequents Target, then you’ve likely noticed how often they offer freebie deals on shaving cream.


Many shampoo brands offer free shampoo coupons, though the most common brands are Suave, TRESemme, and Pantene. Occasionally, Garnier coupons can be used at Target, so keep an eye out.

Greeting Cards

If you’re trying to stock up on greeting cards, so no occasion or family member goes uncelebrated, check out CVS for their freebie deals.

String Cheese Singles

Walmart commonly offers deals for free string cheese.


You can find mouthwash freebee deals at drugstores like Rite Aid and Target.


Walmart and drugstores love to offer freebie candy coupons, especially after the holidays!


Check out the “impulse buy” section right before the register at Target, Kroger, or Walgreens for gum and mints. These are often free with coupons.

Contact Solution

Yes, even contact solution can be free with coupons! Check out CVS for the best deals.


Rite Aid, Walgreens, and other drugstores often provide freebie vitamin deals, especially during autumn and winter.

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