CVS Coupon Policy Updated 2022 (Stacking, ExtraCare, ExtraBucks)

Updated CVS Coupon Policy Guide for 2022 - covering:

* CVS Manufacturer Coupon Policies * CVS Coupon Stacking
* CVS Pharmacy Coupon Policy
* CVS ExtraCare Coupons

Important CVS Coupon Policies You Should Know About

When you are heading to CVS to redeem your coupons, please keep the following in mind:

* Coupons must be presented during checkout, be legible and have a scannable barcode.
* Coupons are void if copied, scanned, altered, expired or prohibited by law. We cannot scan coupon barcodes directly from a mobile device.

* Read the full set of policies here: ( CVS Coupon Policy - PDF)

Does CVS Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Yes. CVS accepts manufacturer coupons. But only one manufacturer's coupon can be used per qualifying item (unless otherwise stated within the coupon). CVS will also follow the limitations stated on the coupon. Check the coupon details for any exclusions.

Can you Stack CVS Coupons?

Yes, but keep in mind you can only use one manufacturer's coupon per item.

So how can you stack coupons?

You can use applicable CVS Store Coupons along with the Manufacturer's Coupon.

Acceptable Coupon Stacking Example:

  • Stacking ExtraBucks Coupon ($2) + Manufacturers Coupon ($3) = $5 Savings on a $10 Item.

Does CVS Coupon Limit the total coupons you can use?

CVS does not have a total coupon limit. However, each store manager has discretion to limit the number of coupons redeemed.

Imagine there is a disaster in a certain area - such as flooding. The store manager might want to be careful not to run out of important items that others might need.

How do CVS Percent-Off Coupons work?

Percent-off coupons can only be used with regular price items. You can only use each percent-off coupon once.

You can't use a percent-off coupon if it is a discounted item. For example you can't use a percent-off coupon on an item that is already on sale, on clearance or if it is part of a promotion such a BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One).

Usually the percent-off coupon is applied after the other coupons have been applied. This means you will get the percent subtracted from the last amount.
What is the last day I can use a CVS Coupon?

You can use them up until 11:59PM on the coupon expiration date. It is based on the local time where the store is located. Source: (CVS Coupon Expiration Policy)

Can I use still expired CVS Coupons?

Unfortunately no. CVS doesn't accept expired coupons. In addition it's important that coupon is readable (legible) and have a scannable barcode. Source: (CVS Coupon Policy on Expired Coupons)

What are the Different CVS Rewards Programs?

Whether you are shopping for beauty, health, or general home items CVS has you covered with their CVS loyalty and savings options. The CVS reward programs include:

  • CVS ExtraCare BeautyClub®
  • CVS ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards®
  • CVS CarePass®
  • CVS ExtraBucks Rewards


In this article we reviewed the updated 2022 CVS Coupon Policies. We went over the different CVS Coupon offers.

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