How to Build a Stockpile with Coupons & Save More Money

There’s great value to buying in bulk. It saves money, and you’ll always have the necessary items on hand, right? Even still, purchasing items in large quantities can be expensive – that is, unless you know how to build a stockpile with coupons.

By taking careful stock of what your home needs, and cleverly matching paper coupons with other types of deals, you can enjoy a better stocked (and more cost-effective) lifestyle in no time.

How do you get started? Read on to learn more!

How to Build a Stockpile with Coupons

Stock Up on Household Items First

When you hear the word “stockpile”, your first thought may be food. However, the problem is the food expires. If you end up with a six-month supply of veggies or meat, you may be unable to finish them before they go bad!

Instead, focus on stockpiling household items that last longer. This can include personal hygiene products, such as body wash, razors, and toilet paper, or cleaning products like laundry detergent and paper towels.

If they do possess a shelf-life, make sure it’s greater than a year to allow yourself enough time to use your stockpile.

Combine Target Mobile Offers with Manufacturer Coupons

Numerous stores offer mobile apps, but Target’s is one of the most deal-centric. Use this to your advantage!

Buy enough of a certain product, and this app will offer you a free Target gift card. You can use that gift card to then stockpile on other items – but, first, you can save money while earning that gift card.

For example, if you buy $75 worth of diapers, you earn the gift card. The deal isn’t brand specific - any diapers will do! As such, you can buy diapers from a variety of brands at once. For each brand, you can use a manufacturer coupon and save even more money!

The end result? You have a free gift card and a stockpile of diapers (or whatever deal Target is offering at that time) for a lower price!

Capitalize on Ibotta’s “Limit 5” Offer

Ibotta is a rebate app, which allows you to earn money back when you purchase specific items. To use it, simply click the deals within the app, buy those listed items, scan your receipt as proof, and earn savings.

While it's great for stockpiling with coupons, you can go a step further.

Normally, you can only redeem one item per receipt. For example, if you select an Ibotta deal for body wash and buy five units, you can only redeem one unit (of the 5) on your receipt.

Ibotta has rolled out a special feature called a “Limit 5” offer. With this, if you buy five items, you can use the rebate deal on all five! This makes it easy to build your stockpile.

Stockpile Realistically

As you learn how to build a stockpile with coupons, it’s important to be realistic. Consider how often each item is used. Do you really need a stockpile of it? Deals are great – but only if they apply to your needs.

If you don’t use very much air freshener, then it may be wasteful to stockpile on Febreze - even if the sale is tempting. Likewise, if your household doesn’t love sandwiches, then your stockpile of lunchmeats will likely expire before you use them.

Spread Out Your Transactions

It’s best to use as many coupons as possible with each shopping trip. However, some stores limit the number of coupons you can redeem with each transaction. For example, if you want to use four coupons for four bottles of laundry detergent, the store may not allow you to buy them all at once.

Luckily, you can circumvent this issue. Spread out your purchases into multiple transactions!

Just group each coupon-specific-item with different items, such as one bottle of laundry detergent with milk, shampoo, and cereal. Proceed through one transaction, using a coupon. Then, start another with a bottle of laundry detergent and other items from your shopping cart. Finish that transaction with a coupon. Repeat until you’re out of coupons and items!

Pro-tip: Be sure to read the fine print of your coupon and ask about the store policy. For example, some may allow you to buy two units on one coupon, so you only have to undertake two transactions instead of four!

Freeze Any Perishables You Can’t Use Right Away

Expiration dates can be intimidating. But that doesn’t mean you should never buy perishable items! Produce is typically less expensive when it’s in season, and great sales wait for no one - items are on sale even if you don't need that particular item right now.

Save long-term money, build that stockpile, and don’t worry about perishables going to waste. Just take advantage of your freezer!

Perishables that can easily be frozen include: cheese, chips, bread, crackers, eggs, and even milk!

Sign Your Spouse Up for Couponing Apps

There’s no need to coupon all on your own!

Many coupon apps only allow you to print two coupons per mobile number. If your spouse has the app on their phone as well, then you can pool your resources and print four coupons!

You can also redeem two separate Ibotta “Limit 5” offers, so long as you and your spouse each have a unique receipt. This ups your savings to ten items!

Pro-Tip: As always, be sure to read the fine print on the coupons, update yourself on the particular store’s rules, and try not to do too many transactions at once.

Stockpile on Freebie Deals

Drugstores often have rewards programs. Some give you points that can be redeemed at checkout for money-off your grand total. However, others will reward you with free items! ExtraBucks at CVS and Register Rewards at Walgreens both offer these deals.

You can use these rewards programs to:

  • Buy one, get one free: For example, if you buy one bottle of shampoo, you can get a second bottle for free.
  • Buy one item, get an accompanying item free: If you buy toothpaste, you can get a toothbrush for free.
  • Points for money-off at checkout: If your grand total is $40, you can redeem points earned through previous shopping trips to bring it down to $30, $20, or less. That’s money saved, making certain items in your cart essentially free!

Keep Your Stockpile Organized

Throwing all your stockpiled items in a heap may be tempting, but this makes it difficult to find items later. Worse yet, if you don’t keep perishables organized by their expiration dates, you risk using them out of order – letting some go bad.

Feel free to remove the products from any bulky packaging, and then store them on shelves or even in decorative containers! Make sure that the shelves can support the weight of your products, and don’t be afraid to relocate your stockpile as it grows past your original plans. If you do run out of space, then pause your stockpiling efforts for a while.

If there are too many good deals to resist, then consider donating items to charity, or gifting them friends and family!

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