Quick Tips on How to Coupon at Kroger

Couponing allows many people to get discounts and save money, especially on groceries. One way to save more money on groceries is knowing how to coupon at the popular grocery store, Kroger.

In this article, you will explore how to coupon at Kroger and learn about their coupon policy.

How to Coupon at Kroger?

Kroger is a company that operates a chain of grocery retail stores in different formats. They have supermarkets, marketplace stores, multi-department stores, and price-impact warehouse stores. You can find these stores across America in 38 states.

Kroger stores accept both paper coupons and digital coupons. You can also get discounts at Kroger with the use of printable coupons, pharmacy competitor coupons, checkout coupons, and manufacturer coupons.

Here’s how to coupon at Kroger:

1. Look for weekly ads and flyers for sales

To acquire the best of Kroger deals, check their weekly ads and flyers for sales. These can be found on their website. Ads and promos may vary by state so you just make sure you are looking at the correct source.

2. Sign-up for a Kroger Shoppers Plus Card

Make sure that you have an active Kroger Shoppers Plus Card so that you can use all your coupons. With this card, you can track your savings, check your points, and more. If you don’t have one yet, you can register for free in-store, online, or in-app.

Once you are at the store, all of your digital manufacturer coupons will be applied when you enter your phone number or swipe your Kroger card.

3. Download the Kroger App

The Kroger App will help you track your savings, add coupons to your loyalty card, check your rewards and fuel points, create a shopping list, order groceries for pick-up, see weekly ads and promos, and more!

4. Keep your Kroger receipts

Win up to $5,000 worth of groceries when you shop at a local Kroger family store by participating in a quick customer service survey. You can find the details at the bottom of your receipt. Plus, you will also receive 50 fuel points as a bonus just for participating.

5. Use Catalina coupons

Get a dollar off on your next drive to the grocery store. Catalina coupons are colored, long paper coupons that are printed out from small printers at the time that your store receipt is printed. You can commonly find these printers near the check-out counters of grocery and drug stores. The printer produces these coupons when it scans the UPC code of a qualifying product.

Kroger’s Coupon Policy

To make your shopping experience worthwhile while maximizing your savings at Kroger, here’s a reminder about this store’s coupon acceptance criteria:

1. You need to have a valid, active Plus Card.

2. Make sure to bring your Plus Card or an Alternate ID, so that you can use your coupons when you purchase an item.

3. For every purchased item, you are limited to using one paper, digital store, or manufacturer coupon.

4. You cannot cancel the use of your coupon once the card is scanned.

5. All coupons are accepted at face value on the purchase of the correct description on the coupon.

6. You cannot use the coupon once it has already expired.

7. Copied, blurry, or damaged coupons will not be accepted.

8. Each household can only use up to three identical coupons per day.

9. The store manager has the authority to accept, decline, or limit the use of any paper or digital coupons.

Aside from using coupons, there are other ways to save money at Kroger. Choose your shopping days during a sales period, or you can check on the seasonal section from time to time for marked-down items that were planned to be discontinued.

The Trick to Couponing

When it comes to couponing, for starters, you have to dedicate some time and attention to it. Why? Finding the best Kroger deals requires a bit of research, but most of the work is already done!

It may take a little time to explore coupons from weekly grocery store ads, coupon websites, local newspapers, coupon apps, and more, but the saving you will experience will be well worth the time spent! 

Further, once you have gathered the coupons needed for your shopping trip, you can easily take a few moments to sort and organize before going to the store.

Although it can be time-consuming to locate and organize your coupons, in the end, you can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that going through this process can help save you money during every grocery shopping transaction. And, like anything else, the more you do it, the faster you will get.

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