A Comprehensive Guide on How to Coupon at Walgreens

Whether you’re a new or seasoned coupon-slinger, it’s worth learning how to coupon at Walgreens.

This pharmacy/general-store hybrid is a leading brand with a wide variety of products. That makes it a prime target for your money-saving attention! Once you fully understand how their reward programs work, you’ll be cashing in on deals right away.

How do you start? Let’s find out.

Where is Walgreens?

Walgreens is a pharmacy store chain. There are over nine thousand Walgreens locations across the United States, so there’s definitely a Walgreens somewhere in your area!

You can use the store locator page on the Walgreens website to find the one closest to you.

How to Coupon at Walgreens

Once you’ve found your local Walgreens, it’s time to leverage their deals to your advantage!

Balance Rewards

Learning how to coupon at Walgreens starts with understanding their reward programs. The first and primary one is Balance Rewards.

Earning Them

Balance Rewards is a loyalty program you must enroll in before earning points. These points are earned when you buy specific items. One thousand Balance Reward points earn you one dollar in savings! You can also find special bonus rewards in Walgreens’ weekly paper ads, or online.

Using Them

During checkout, simply enter your phone number to have the points automatically added to your account. There is no limit to the amount of Balance Reward points that you can accumulate, so you’re not pressured to use the points right away! Let them stack up.

Do They Expire?

While they can stack infinitely high, they can’t do that forever. Balance Reward points expire after a year. You can check the expiration date for your collection on the Walgreens app.

How Many Can You Use at Once?

Walgreens allows you to redeem up to fifty dollars’ worth of Balance Reward points at a time. Once you have accumulated enough, ask the cashier to use them on your latest purchase. You can choose the dollar amount to spend; your options include one, two, three, four, five, ten, twenty, or fifty dollars.

Register Rewards

Walgreens also has a second loyalty program - Register Rewards!

Earning Them

Register Rewards are coupons printed out at the register, which grant you money-off on your next purchase at Walgreens. You can earn Register Rewards by buying a specific quantity of items. You can’t just turn around and use that coupon on this specific transaction, but you can use it next time.


A great way to make the most of Register Rewards is to “roll” them. Rolling means using a reward you gained from one transaction to purchase another item, which will also give you Register Rewards.

Using Them

You can use the Register Rewards on a different promotion, or save the coupon and use it on something next week! This allows you to continue to gain Register Rewards. Be sure to keep an eye out for new ads about items that are eligible for Register Rewards, so you can keep the savings going!

Do They Expire?

Remember that Register Rewards usually expire after two weeks. As such, be sure to read the fine print and bring them back soon!

Buy One, Get One 50% Off

At Walgreens, you will often see “Buy One, Get One” deals posted on the shelves. This may be a “buy one, get one free” deal, but you're more likely to see a “buy one, get one half-off” deal. If you need to stock up on items, like soap or vitamins, these deals can help you buy more for less!

When you buy two items in a “buy one, get one 50% off” sale, you can use two coupons – one for each item! Just make sure that the coupon’s value does not exceed the cost of the 50%-off item, or else the coupon will not be accepted.

Manufacturer Coupons

Walgreens allows you to use one manufacturer coupon per item.


Walgreens also allows you to stack store and manufacturer coupons together. You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on every item that you purchase. You can find Walgreens store coupons on the monthly coupon booklet, which is often distributed in the store or on the Walgreens app.

Buying in Bulk

When stacking coupons, it’s often wise to buy in bulk. For example, if the coupon requires you to buy six items from the same manufacturer but you only intend to buy five items, go get an extra item.

Consider grabbing something from clearance. Sometimes spending a little more can help you save a lot more! As long as the coupon’s value is not higher than the price of the clearance item, the coupon will be accepted.

Walgreens App

When learning how to coupon at Walgreens, never forget the Walgreens app.

When you link this app to your loyalty card, you can download Balance Rewards coupons directly to your account! This makes them easily accessible when at the register.

The app can also scan barcodes in the store and automatically tell you if there are any store or manufacturer coupons currently available for that item! As such, you don’t have to perform extra research before shopping, saving valuable time as well as money.

Other Apps

Rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, SavingStar, and Fetch Rewards can be used to increase your savings after you get home from the store.

Just scan the receipt with the app. Any items that you bought which are eligible for a rebate will result in you getting money credited to your account!

You can also download other coupon website apps, such as the Krazy Coupon Lady app, to learn about even more deals. Why not have someone do your research for you?

Ways to Earn Points

When you’re new to couponing at Walgreens, it may seem difficult to build up points quickly. Here are some tips to rack up your points immediately!

Watch the Tags

Earning Balance Reward points starts by keeping an eye out for items in the Walgreens store, which have a yellow indicator tag attached to the price tag on the shelf. This tag will explain how many points you will receive for purchasing this item, as well as any other deals, such as a “buy one, get one free” deal.

Strategic Splurges

Another kind of Balance Rewards deal grants you a certain number of points when you spend a certain amount of money. Keep an eye out for this deal in Walgreens ads, both hard-copy and on the app.

Note that Balance Reward spend-minimums must be met after you use a manufacturer coupon. So, if you need to spend twenty dollars in order to earn the points, make sure that, even after you’ve used the manufacturer coupon, you’re still spending twenty dollars!

Cash in on Beauty Products

You can also earn Balance Rewards points through Walgreens’s beauty enthusiasts’ program.

In this program, you can earn five dollars worth of Balance Reward points for every fifty dollars that you spend on beauty products!

This deal covers skin and haircare products, as well as makeup - only excluding baby and men’s products. If you’re unsure about purchasing a specific beauty product, ask a Walgreens employee if you can try out the makeup in the store first!

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