How to Get Coupon Inserts from Other States & Save Money

Are the coupons you find in your local newspaper not providing the deals you need? It may be time to expand your search. You need to learn how to get coupon inserts from other states!

Coupon inserts vary across the country. A newspaper you receive in one state may have different coupons than in another. There might be different values, different brands, or even different coupon amounts altogether.

By accessing coupons from across the nation, you can enjoy even more deals than before!

Where do you start? Are there restrictions? How can you make the most of these deals?

Read on to find out!

How to Get Coupon Inserts from Other States

Here are the best places to start collecting out-of-state coupons:

Ask Out-Of-State Friends and Relatives

How to get coupon inserts from other states cheaply?

You may already be asking your neighbors for their unused coupon inserts. Just like asking neighbors, you can ask your out-of-state friends and relatives for help. Many people just throw away or recycle their coupons inserts, so they may be happy to share them with you. It feels good to know that unused coupons are going to good use!

If they're also avid coupon users, like yourself, then you can trade coupons. This ensures everyone benefits, saving money, and leveraging your regional differences for the better.

If you don’t already have out-of-state friends or relatives, you can often find coupon-swapping communities online! Internet forums and Facebook groups are a great place to find fellow couponers who want to make sure your coupons do not go to waste.

Pros: You can get coupons from other states without having to buy the newspaper.

Trading coupons with friends in other states also helps you to create a network or community of couponers. You might even end up making new friends through your shared love of coupons!

Cons: This method is not very convenient. It requires asking your family and friends, which can feel like begging.

It’s also not a very reliable method since it’s easy for your friends to forget to send you the coupons before they expire.

There are also risks involved with online coupon-swapping forums. While most people have the best intentions, it is possible to find fake or altered coupons posted to these groups – which you could get in trouble for using!

Pro-Tip:Always read the fine print on any coupon a friend from another state gives you. You may find that there are restrictions on the coupons you receive. If they’re state-specific and can’t be used across state lines, then you’ll have to disregard some of your new collection.

Print Coupons Online

Don’t forget – coupons can be found in places other than physical newspapers!

How to get coupon inserts from other states conveniently? By performing online searches. You can find coupons from across the nation posted for free on all kinds of websites!

Brands often post coupons on their Facebook pages or send them out in weekly newsletter emails. All you have to do is print these coupons and take them with you to the store.

By searching online, you can often find regional coupons based on your computer’s IP address.

Pros: Searching for coupons online is generally quick and convenient. If you have favorite brands, it’s easy to find their specific offers.

Cons: Printing coupons online is a very specific activity. To search for them, you need to know in advance what brands you prefer and what products you need.

If you're trying to collect a wider range of coupons to best fit your needs, then printing coupons online can become time-consuming.

Also, if you don’t have access to a printer, then you can’t print the coupons.

Use a Coupon Rebates App

Coupon rebates apps can give you access to even more deals from across state lines.

Rebate apps, such as the popular Ibotta, allow you to continue to save on your purchases after you get home from the store. Once you’re home, all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and submit it to the rebate app.

The app will credit money to your account for all items on the receipt that have available rebates – regardless of what state you’re in!

New rebate app offers are always being posted. This means that it pays to check the app every time you go shopping, even if you don’t expect to find an offer for the items you purchased!

Pros: Coupon rebates apps are super convenient. They allow you to save on items without ever printing or picking up a physical coupon!

You can also stack rebate app savings on top of coupon savings.

For example, let’s say a pack of gummy worms normally costs $2.00, but you used a 50%-off coupon to buy it for $1.00 instead. Then, you went home and submitted your receipt to Ibotta. They had a $0.50-back offer for this brand of gummy worms. In the end, you really purchased the pack of gummi worms for only $0.50!

Cons: These apps don’t allow you to stockpile the coupons themselves.

Also, it isn’t easy to plan ahead with a rebate app, since the deals on the app change so often. These savings are very in-the-moment.

It’s good to have a rebate app in addition to your regular couponing, but rebate apps do not take the place of coupons.

Whole Coupon Insert Providers and Clipping Services

Searching for and clipping coupons can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. The good news is? There are services that do the work for you!

Coupon insert providers gather the coupons from Sunday papers and send them to you. Through these services, you can choose what coupon inserts you want to receive.

This allows you to collect a variety of coupons that exactly fit your needs – not just ones that are available locally.

Some coupon insert providers also allow you to order multiple copies of the inserts. This helps you stockpile items by collecting more than one copy of coupons to use, without ordering a lot of extra, unwanted newspapers! Again, be sure to read the fine print about how many of a certain coupon you are able to use in one transaction.

Pros: Coupon clipping services do the hard work of searching out coupons for you. All you have to do is wait for the coupons to arrive at your front door.

This method also allows you to avoid subscribing to unwanted newspapers or collecting a lot of extra paper clutter. You only get the coupons!

Cons: You do need to pay for the shipping costs. However, this is a low cost that is well compensated by the savings you make.

Why Sunday Coupon Inserts?

Gathering coupons from across state lines is a great way of saving money. However, it’s important to choose the right method for you, and be mindful of coupon restrictions.

Now that you know how to get coupon inserts from other states, where do you start?

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