How to Get Extra Coupon Inserts: Save Money Without Hassle

Do you know how to get extra coupon inserts?

To save money and keep yourself well-stocked, you should.

Sometimes all you need is a single coupon to capitalize on a great deal. But what if you need more than one item? After all, you need to keep your house stocked with toilet paper.

The problem? Most coupons only cover a single unit of a product. This makes it difficult to stock up when you need to!

Extra coupon inserts are the solution. But where can you find them without buying extra newspaper subscriptions? To help you get the best savings, let’s dive into some of the most popular ways – and the single best method of all.

How to Get Extra Coupon Inserts – The Popular Ways

Ask for Leftovers

Most gas stations and convenience stores sell Sunday papers, complete with coupon inserts. Often times, they don’t manage to sell all of their papers and will return the leftovers to the distributor.

Try visiting on a Sunday night or early Monday morning, and ask the store manager for the leftover coupon inserts from the unsold papers. They might allow you to take them home before the distributor takes them away!

Once you find a store or gas station that says "yes," consider bringing them a small gift or goodie bag. This is a nice ‘thank you’ gesture. It’ll ensure they set the papers aside for you next time.


Gas stations and convenience stores can have a variety of newspapers that you don't receive at home. As such, they may have a wider variety of coupons as well.

If they distribute the same newspaper that you get at home, you may notice a specific coupon this week that you want duplicates of. If so, this is a great way to quickly get multiple printouts of the same coupon, allowing you to stock up on an item!


It can be tricky to find a gas station or convenience store that will allow you to take the coupon inserts.

Most newspaper distributors require the stores to return the entire newspaper at the end of the week, including the coupon inserts. As such, you might have to hear “no” a lot before you finally find a store that will let you take their leftover coupons.

It’s also possible that the employees working one week will be more lenient than those working the next week. As such, a good source of coupons last month might suddenly run dry. This makes it difficult to know if the trip to the gas station will be worth it.

Ask Friends and Family

When looking for ways on how to get extra coupon inserts, there’s always the direct approach.

If your friends and family members have newspaper subscriptions but don’t really care about couponing, ask for their leftover coupons!

Ask the people you know to save their Sunday coupon inserts for you instead of throwing them away. Consider thanking them by giving them items from your shopping haul!


Your friends and family are far more likely to want to help your couponing efforts - at least more than a stranger who runs a convenience store.

Also, your friends might be grateful to have what they see as paper junk taken off their hands.


Going to your friends and family members for coupons can feel a lot like begging. Begging can make people uncomfortable, putting strains on those relationships.

Also, multiple people in your family may be trying to figure out how to get extra coupon inserts. In that case, they may become annoyed with constantly being asked to give up their coupons.

Furthermore, the kinds of coupons you can gain are limited to the newspapers that other people read. So, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the coupons that you personally want!

Check the Weeklies

Most communities have a free regional weekly paper or newsletter. Sometimes these free papers have coupon inserts, and are distributed during the week (instead of on Sunday)!

Take a look around downtown areas for newsstands with these free papers on them.

You can also contact the paper itself (call the local branch) to see if there is a way to subscribe. It’s possible to have these papers brought to your door every week for free.


The coupons found in these weeklies might be different from ones in your regular newspaper. This allows you access to a wider variety of coupons.

Also, unlike the average newspaper, weekly newsletters are usually free!


Not all communities have local papers. Not all local papers are free. Not all local papers even include coupon inserts.

Subscribing to, or collecting, a bunch of these weeklies might just leave you with a bunch of worthless paper cluttering your house.

Online Coupons – A Better Way to Get Extra Coupon Inserts

As you can see, there are many popular methods for how to get extra coupon inserts. However, all of these methods have significant drawbacks.

Instead, search for online coupons. A lot of brands and manufacturers offer coupons on their websites, which you can either print out or download on an app.

It’s also possible to order coupons online through coupon package services. You don’t have to devote time and energy to running across town, searching for the coupons you need. Instead, you can pay a small fee for someone else to spend the time to locate, clip, package, and ship the coupons to you!

Why Sunday Coupon Inserts?

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