How to Organize Your Coupons

Organizing Your Coupons

When it comes to organizing your coupons, you should choose the method that works for YOU. What works for others may not work for you, and vice versa. As long as you are saving money, then you are doing it right!

We recommend one of these two methods:

  1. Whole Coupon Insert File
  2. Coupon Binder

Whole Coupon Insert File

This simple method saves both time and money. This method files your coupon inserts whole, without cutting them. You file by the Sunday date the insert was issued and only cut the coupons you need as they come up for an item on sale. The online store matchups will tell you what Sunday insert the matching coupon is located in. Only then would you find the coupons and clip them as you prepare for your shopping trip. With this method, you would never clip coupons you do not intend to use unnecessarily.

Materials needed:

  • Letter size filing crate, box, or cabinet
  • Letter size tabbed file folders
  • Labels

Where to begin:

  • First, collect all inserts and group them by Sunday date and insert's title.
    • Example – collect all inserts from 4/21/19 and group the RetailMeNot and the SmartSource inserts separately.
    • NOTE: The date of the insert is located in fine print on the spine of the booklet
  • Create a file folder for each set by labeling it with the insert date and issue
    • Example – 4/21 RMN
    • Example – 4/21 SS
  • Place the corresponding set of inserts in the correct file folder

Pros and Cons of the Whole Coupon Insert File method:

  • Pros
    • No need to clip all of the coupons.
    • Easy to set up and keep organized
    • Any match-up or Coupon Database will tell you exactly where to locate the coupons you need
  • Cons
    • May miss unadvertised deals or clearance item deals
    • Need another folder or binder for miscellaneous coupons
      • Example – blinkies, tearpads, rain checks, etc

Coupon Binder

With this method, you would cut each coupon each week and file them in a binder with like coupons. This method works for many couponers that prefer to have all of the coupons with them when they shop.

Materials needed:

  • Large 3-ring binder
  • Clear plastic baseball card protector sheets
  • Dividers (optional)

Where to begin:

  • First, think of how you want to arrange your coupons in the binder
    • Alphabetical
    • Aisle by Aisle
    • Basic grocery categories
  • Label your dividers to reflect the method you chose above
    • Example – A-Z
    • Example – Breakfast, Dairy, Hair Care, Laundry, etc. (see full starter list below)
  • Clip all coupons and keep like coupons together
  • Place like coupons in the pocket, following the appropriate divider
    • Example – Tide coupons with “Laundry” tab or “T” tab
    • Example – Clairol coupons with “Hair Care” tab or “C” tab
  • Leave an empty sheet in the front to stash coupons/rain checks you collect during your shopping trip
  • Some dividers may have more sheets than others, just arrange as you need to

Pros and Cons of the Coupon Binder method:

  • Pros
    • Have all your coupons with you to use if needed
    • See all your coupons at a glance
    • Pull expired coupons out with ease
  • Cons
    • Time-consuming each week to stay on top of it – clipping, organizing, and filing coupons into a binder
    • May clip coupons you will never use
    • Baseball card pockets may not fit all coupons