How to Get RetailMeNot Coupon Inserts & Save More Money

Are RetailMeNot coupon inserts a necessary part of your couponing strategy?

They should be.

The popular RedPlum coupon insert has been rebranded into the RetailMeNot coupon insert. But what does this mean for you as a coupon user? And where can you find these coupons?

Here’s what you need to know about this change.

What Do You Need to Know About RetailMeNot Coupon Inserts?

Redplum Inserts Will Now Be Called RetailMeNot Everyday

This rebranding comes from a partnership between Valassis, the company which owns the RedPlum coupon insert, and

So, when you open your newspaper, don’t be surprised by the change in name!

Regional Offers May Increase

Just like before, offers in the RetailMeNot coupon inserts will vary from region to region.

However, this rebranding indicates that there may be an increased coupon inventory!

Not only does this mean more coupons, but it likely means more coupons from top brands, which will have a higher value.

No Changes to RedPlum.Com Printable Coupons

For now, you can still print out coupons from

In the next few weeks, however, these coupons will be moved over to instead. Keep an eye out for this change!

How Do You Get RetailMeNot Coupon Inserts?

Request a RetailMeNot Everyday Coupon Book

Even if you don’t subscribe to a newspaper, you can still have RetailMeNot coupon inserts sent to your mailbox!

Simply go to their website and fill out the coupon book form. This form will allow you to request the booklet be sent directly to you.

Subscribe to Your Local Newspaper

The most common way to get these coupons is through your weekly newspaper.

If you’re not sure whether your current newspaper carries RetailMeNot coupons, use the coupon book form on their website. This will provide a list of newspapers in your area which carries these coupons.

Sign Up for Newsletters to Get Coupons

Many of the products represented in RetailMeNot coupon inserts send out newsletters and mailing lists.

Be sure to sign up to receive newsletters from the brands you like most. Often times, these newsletters and mailers include coupons for their products!

If you join your local grocery store’s mailing list, too, you can get even more free coupon booklets.

Buy an Extra Paper to Get More Coupon Inserts

Why subscribe to just one paper when you can have two?

Typically, you can purchase Sunday newspapers at newsstands.

It’s also a good idea to check with your friends and neighbors, who might be simply throwing their coupon inserts away. Ask if you can use them instead. They’ll be happy to know that the coupons won’t go to waste!

Why Sunday Coupon Inserts?

Rebranding is sometimes frustrating, but this change to RetailMeNot coupon inserts has its advantages. To ensure you get the most benefits from couponing, you should try Sunday Coupon Inserts!

With their Weekly Subscriptions program, Sunday Coupon Inserts sends your choice of coupon insert packets to your front door every week. You don’t even need to buy a newspaper or clip the coupons yourself!

Best of all, you are in complete control of your subscription at all times.

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