What are Regional Coupons & How to Find Them?

Can regional coupons level up your couponing game? Absolutely!

You may have noticed that the coupons you have are different from a friend’s. That’s especially true if you, for example, live in California and your friend is in Minnesota. Even though you both visit the same chain stores, the coupons are dramatically different.

Why? Because they’re regional coupons!

While this might seem like a downside (aren’t you missing out on unique deals?), you can actually turn this into your advantage. Let me show you how.

What are Regional Coupons?

Regional coupons are coupons that vary depending on location. For example, a regional coupon in one area may be worth $1.00 off for a certain item. In another area, that same coupon could be worth $2.00 off!

Regional vs. Other Coupons

Regional coupons can give you better deals than other coupon types. As long as you know what the differences in locations are, you can hunt for the regional coupon with the highest value. It takes more effort than other coupon types, but it can save you big bucks.

Where to Get Regional Coupons

If you’re an experienced couponer, you might see regional coupons as a problem. For example, you might hear about a certain coupon for an item you want, only to find out that it’s not available in your area.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to go around the limits of regional coupons.

Print Coupons Online

Online coupon databases are a great way to get savings from outside your region. A coupon database may not have all the regional coupons available, but it can give you a wider array to choose from.

When it comes to online options, there are a few places that couponers rely on. These include:

  • Red Plum
  • SmartSource

Swap Coupons with Friends and Family

Perhaps a more reliable way is to swap coupons with friends and family. If you hear that someone has a higher value coupon than you, give them a call.

Coupon swaps are also a great reason for buying multiple papers or having multiple coupon sources.

Online Swap Groups

Aside from friends and family, check out swap groups online. Places like blogs and Facebook groups are perfect for finding people to swap with.

Coupon Clipping Services

Coupon clipping services are a great way to get coupons to your door, for a small fee. These services will clip from a wide range of coupon types, including regional coupons. Variety and value will depend on the service you pick, of course.

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